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Interested in writing for Retrofied? Radical! We’re always on the hunt for talented contributors, whether you’re an experienced writer with dozens of published credits or you’re a passionate newcomer.

What we like:

Writing that analyzes nostalgia and offers a new perspective. When you pitch, remember that while we do have a few “hey, remember THIS?” -type articles, Retrofied strives to offer depth, substance, new revelations, and new commentary to help us stand out from the rest. While all of our topics are inspired by ’80s & ’90s nostalgia, we love for pieces to have present-day relevance whenever possible. Please familiarize yourself with some of our existing published work before pitching. We accept pitches for our quarterly printed magazine in addition to website and Patreon-only articles.


Beginning with issue #4, Retrofied contributors will receive a minimum payment of $20 per print article. Additionally, all magazine contributors will receive a printed copy of Retrofied. Web-only post contributors earn $10 per piece. While we realize this payment is not significant, it is a step in the right direction and we aim to increase compensation as time goes on. Please only consider Retrofied after exhausting options for better paying publications.

Currently Accepting Pitches:

Issue #4’s theme will be “More Than Meets the Eye.” This issue’s theme can focus on a variety of topics under that banner including secret identities, hidden gems, deeper meanings, and surprising historical impacts, among others. Issue #4 will be our October issue, and can encompass Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (note: articles do NOT have to be holiday-related, just giving some options) since we won’t have another issue until January. Deadlines:

  • Pitches due by September 13
  • Finished drafts due by September 27

In order to stay ahead of the game we are ALSO accepting pitches for issue #5, which will go to print in January 2022. The theme for that issue will be “Trying Hard to Forget.” This topic can encompass breakups, fads that didn’t last, bad shows, cringe-worthy moments, etc. Deadline for pitches for issue #5 is February 1, 20

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