Retrofied – Issue #4 (includes US shipping)



See what retro nostalgia offers “more than meets the eye” with a physical copy of Retrofied issue #4.
We’re ending our inaugural year in print with a fantastic, transformative compilation of pop culture insight and entertainment. Our Fall 2021 issue contains the following:

  • 48 pages of full-color, 100% exclusive & original retro-focused content
  • 5-page cover story examining the evolution of Hasbro’s Transformers with an interview featuring the lead designers for the iconic toy line
  • Spectacular spooky content including Universal Monsters modern retro appearances, the art of Goosebumps, and an interview with three of the “frightening” female authors behind Point Horror.
  • A variety of articles covering all your favorite toys, movies, music and more! .
  • Feature essays and stories including a midlife fashion crisis and a profile of an openly gay puppeteer from Georgia making it big with his puppet, Madame.
  • You think you know what those lyrics mean to the songs you’ve been singing in the shower all these years? Think again. We set the record straight in a musical deep-dive.
  • “Mockbuster” appreciation article with word search bonus content.

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Click here to access a 10-page preview of Issue #4.