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Inside Issue #5’s 10-page Preview:

  • “Trying Hard to Forget”/Marvel Before the MCU original photo cover
  • Table of Contents to show you the full depth of content in issue #5
  • Full article: “13 Items We Never Thought Would be Obsolete” by Shannon DeWitt
  • Find out how you rank in our “Fashion Faux Pas” Quiz
  • Full article: “Beepers: Gateway Drug to an All-Access Lifestyle” by J.T. Trigonis
  • Two entries from “8 Cringeworthy TV Moments of the 1980s” by Beth Lee
  • Two pages of our cover story by Marc Patterson cataloging the hits and (mostly) misses of “Marvel Before the MCU”
  • Full article: “When the Mirror Lies” exploring classic instances of mirror universes by Anthony Karcz
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