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  • 52 pages of exclusive, full-color retro content
  • 9-page Oral History of ReBoot cover story featuring interviews with creators, producers, writers, and voice actors telling the detailed history of the CGI-pioneering cartoon series
  • Wide-ranging columns such as Nightmare Fuel, Lost in the Stacks, and Console Corner (among others) covering a variety of pop culture mediums such as comics, video games, paperback books, tech, and junk food with a “new beginnings” theme.
  • Celebrity Interview with chart-topping ’80s band Berlin on reuniting to make new music 
  • Feature essays examining problematic issues in Home Alone, a family’s first drive-in adventure, new lessons gleaned from classic movie quotes, tips for recollecting childhood favorites, and even a not-so-true tale of searching for a legendary American Gladiator contestant.
  • Crossword puzzle and hidden object bonus content

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