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From ‘80s TV & movies to ‘90s food, fashion, toys, and more, Retrofied offers modern commentary and perspectives on nostalgic gems from the past with insight to modern cultural relevance.

We started out as a quarterly print magazine focusing on retro nostalgia of the ‘80s and ‘90s with copies cataloged in the Library of Congress, but print is dead. In April 2024 we rose from the ashes to publish articles, essays, and oral histories on our website and are now on Substack. Our free Substack will mostly be short-form articles, listicles, and weekly “Retrofied Weekly Rewind” emails that capture a list of retro-inspired news, announcements, and cool stuff from the week. Please consider subscribing! Radical.


Our goal is to share at least one new essay, deep-dive, or inspired featured writing once per week on our website on Mondays, an occasional short-form article during the week, and a “Weekly Rewind” roundup email via Substack every Friday.


We’re fans, but we are also professionals. Our team of contributors feature writers whose work has been regularly featured on Forbes.com, SyFy Wire, Paste, StarWars.com, Nerdist, and more—plus several newcomers to the scene! Top-notch design, custom artwork, intelligent and fun writing, and exclusive content are hallmarks of Retrofied.

Preston Burt

Jamie Greene, Anthony Karcz
–Contributing Editors–

Mark Dowd (Work Play Creative)
–Art Director–

Shannon DeWitt

Justin Broderway
Joe Crowe
Mahnaz Dar
Tamara Dever
Jennifer Dines
Jennifer Forrest
Beth Lee
Marc Paterson
Claire Sewell
Nelson Sims
Steve Spears
J.T. Trigonis

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