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Retro nostalgia fans rejoice! ‘Retrofied’ is a new quarterly magazine created to celebrate the pop culture you grew up with. From TV, toys, books, movies, fashion, food, video games and more, we’ve got you covered! We know you’ll be a fan after your first issue, so we’re giving away our 50-page preview issue for FREE!

Retrofied Magazine

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What to Expect

Retrofied is a digital magazine crafted with care by people who celebrate nostalgia. In each quarterly issue we bring readers the kind of content we would want to read ourselves and hope you do too! Centered around a specific theme, each issue touches on cultural touchstones big and small locked away in our collective memories. 

We’re fans, but we are also professionals. Our team of contributors feature writers whose work has been regularly featured on, SyFy Wire, Paste,, Nerdist, and more—plus several newcomers to the scene! Top-notch design, custom artwork, intelligent and fun writing, and exclusive content are hallmarks of Retrofied.

We hope you join us for plenty of flashback fun!

Featured Articles

Feature Articles

From personal essays to interviews to 10-page deep dives on your favorite topics we provide some of the best pop culture coverage around!


Regular Columns

We want to make sure we cover the basics! In each issue we’ll touch on toys, television, gaming, food, and more! Don’t be surprised if you learn something new or were reminded of something completely forgotten!


Bonus Content

Like the back of a cereal box, you’ll never know what to expect! Whether it’s word searches, crossword puzzles, or silly stories, there’s always a fun surprise in each issue! (Don’t forget about the Patreon-only exclusives too!)


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